E-number & other additives that can be derived from animal sources:
(In this case it’s best to contact the food manufacturer for further details)

Red = Stay Away Yellow = Check with Manufacturer

A-Vitamin (Retinol) - Can be derived from egg yolk or fish liver oils used in nutritional food supplements and cosmetics.
Albumen - Egg white - protein part of an egg, used in food as a binder.

Anchovy - Small fish of the herring family, often used as a flavour enhancer. Found in Worcester Sauce and pizza toppings.

Animal fat - Fat derived from slaughtered animals. This is boiled off the skin and used in many processed foods e.g. baked and pastry products, margarines, soups and stocks as well as soaps.
Aspic - Used as a glazing agent from meat or fish-derived jelly.

Beta-carotene - An antioxidant (disease-fighting) plant form of vitamin A, found in fruits and vegetables often used as an orange colouring agent in soft drinks and foods. Foods containing beta-carotene can include *gelatine as the carrier for it. The use of gelatine will not necessarily be listed in the ingredients label.

Bone meal - Ground or crushed animal bones. Used in garden and agricultural fertilisers. Also used in some nutritional food supplements as a source of calcium.
Calcium hepatonate

Calcium mesoinositol hexaphosphate
Calcium phytate

Capsulesused in nutritional food supplements and FS6 medicines. Often gelatine-based unless stated as from a vegetarian source.
Carmine / Cochineal (E120)red food and drink dye pigment obtained from cochineal.
Unless otherwise stated on labelling, it is likely to have been made using animal-derived rennet.

ChitinProduced from crab and shrimp shells.
Cod liver oil nutritional food supplement made from the liver of slaughtered cod. Is one source of essential (omega-3) fats, as well as vitamins *A and *D. Plant-derived nuts and seeds are alternative sources of omega-3 fats eg linseed (flax), rapeseed oil and walnuts, as well as dark green vegetables.
D3 Vitamin (cholecalciferol) – form of vitamin D derived from *lanolin (fat from sheep’s wool) or fish oil. Added to many cereals and margarines as well as nutritional food supplements. Derived from live and slaughtered sheep – only that guaranteed from live sheep wool is listed as suitable for vegetarians. No form of vitamin D3 is acceptable to vegans.


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