E-number & other additives that can be derived from animal sources:
(In this case it’s best to contact the food manufacturer for further details)

Red = Stay Away Yellow = Check with Manufacturer

Gelatin(e) – protein jelly obtained by boiling animal tissues such as hooves, bones, horns, skin etc. One of the most widely used animal-derived ingredients in processed foods and many other products. Used as a gel in most sweets, jellies, capsules (eg for nutritional food supplements and drugs), confectionary and all non-digital photographic film.

Glycerin(e) or glycerol (E422) – colourless liquid which can be obtained from animal fats, sugar fermentation or propylene. Used as a solvent for flavours, also found in toothpastes.

Glyceryl diacetate

Glyceryl triacetate

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