E-number & other additives that can be derived from animal sources:
(In this case it’s best to contact the food manufacturer for further details)

Red = Stay Away Yellow = Check with Manufacturer

Sperm oil


Suet - hard fat used in cooking made from the kidneys of cattle and sheep. Vegetable suet is widely available.

Sugar – many cane sugars are processed (refined) using charcoal (charred animal bones). Tate & Lyle and Billingtons sugars are processed without animal charcoal and Silver Spoon white (but not brown) sugar is likewise.

Supplements – nutritional food supplements (vitamins, minerals, protein powders etc) can contain either animal or plant-derived substances. Many are coated in animal-derived gelatine capsules.


Wax – glossy, hard substance used to make foods look more visually appealing, especially fruit and vegetables. Also used in some cosmetics. Can be animal or plant-derived. Non-animal waxes include carnauba, paraffin, candelilla and polyethylene.

Whey – milk-derived substance left after most of the fat and *casein has been removed in cheese-making. Used in many processed foods e.g. margarines, biscuits and crisps as well as some cleaning products.

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