What? (Spritually) Gatka is spiritual and physical martial art given to humanity from Waheguru "God" to help defend righteousness, belief, truthful living and annihilate oppression. This Waheguru given, battle proven art should only be used in defence and only in offence when "all other means fail" It is an art that assists and serves the divine laws of God.

Gatka with all the other teachings from the Sikh Guru's helps students gain confidence in them selves as Waheguru's beings on Earth to serve Gods' creation.....that means sikhs and non-sikh communities also.

Gatka is an art that intends to get rid of the five innate passions - lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego - only when one can conquer the evil passions inside, can one conquer the evil outside - 'only then can it be just for them to wield the sword'.

There have been many people in history who have not used martial arts to benefit mankind, but rather for oppression or for a selfish cause, which in turn has caused death and destruction. As Ustads and Gatka trainers representing Guru Gobind Singh Ji '10th Master' we are liable to the almighty Lord if we mistakenly teach Gatka to an unrighteous person, who may use it for bad instead of good. Therefore we clearly state that without a spritual balance of Prayers, Meditation, Service and eventually Amrit you will not be able to progress further in the art of Gatka.

Gatka is only complete when Gurmat (the knowledge of the Guru) is imparted, which in turn teaches respect and understanding of the powerful Shasters "various weapons" and how to gracefully use them to defend as a true Gursikh. All of this can only be successfully implemented into the sprit of the student by practicing Wahegurus' teachings as instructed by our Guru 'Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji' and contemplating Waheguru's teachings whilst reciting Waheguru "the name of God"

What? (Physically) When you start Gatka training you will be expected to pay respects to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Guru Khalsa Panth. You will be expected to stay away from places where anti-gurmat things take place such as clubs and pubs. You will also be expected to stop any consumption of any intoxication i.e. drugs and alcohol, as this builds negativity. You will be asked to keep your head covered at all times and to respect all other students in the Akhara as your brothers or sisters.

Once you start learning Gatka you will be given support throughout your training and sprituality. You will be expected to attend every fornightly lesson unless the Ustad is notified before the lesson is about to start. All lesson schedules are available via this web site and the Khalsa Panth Akhara Admin can be contacted at administrator@khalsapanth.co.uk If you frequently miss lessons you will automatically be dismissed until further notice.

The Gatka Ustad and sevadars will help you subdue the innate passions inside you using Gurbani Shabads and meditation. Eventually you will be trained in a minimum of 10 hand combat weapons (Shastars) and 3 flying weapons (Astars). There are many more weapons and training available but your progression will depend on your own spritual growth aswell as your physical fitness and dicipline.

Ek Onkar - There is only one God
there is only one god

(Some Artist Impressions of the the Ten Guru's)

(Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji - Artist Impression)

Who & Where? This spiritual martial art is taught by a trained ustad "teacher". This art can be taught to anybody who has the aim to become closer to Waheguru and to gain the spirituality and the strength to help defend and serve all who require it. It is only with the Grace of Waheguru that this art can be learned and the places where this is taught by the Khalsa Panth Akhara is in Gurdwaras where the student must Matha Tekhs first - asking Guru Ji for his wisdom before starting the lesson.

How Much ? We do not charge a penny for any training or support we provide. The Khalsa Panth Akhara does not receive external funding from organisations, charities or government. The Akhara is funded by some generous sewadars and some gurdwareh committees who offer support in areas such as transport and equipment, where applicable.

If would like to learn more about Gatka or would like find a local training site please take a look at the services page. Before attending a Khalsa Panth Akhara training site please fill in a registration form available on the online training page.