This page contains useful information and resources that a Khalsa "Amritdharie Sikh" can benefit from. In this day & age information is power and knowing the correct information can save you problems in your jeevan. Please email if you would like further informtion or would like to help with this seva.

Gurumukhi Poster - One given at kids Camps! - Learning Gurumukhi is very important in order for us as Sikhs to try to understand our Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

5 Kakar - One who is given Khande Batta De Amrit "Baptisim" is required to always carry on them and respect the five K's.

Sikh Anthem - The national anthem of the Sikhs. Sikhs do not sing the Indian or any other national anthem.

Kirtan & Simran tutorials - Coming Soon!

How make a Kachera - Coming Soon!

How to clean shastars - Coming Soon!