Here are a list of Services that we offer and services that we think you should take advantage of.

Amrit Sanchar

Bani Guru Guru Hai Bani Vich Bani Amritsare, Gurbani Kahe Sevak jan Mane Partak Guru Nistare (ang 982)

Waho Waho Bani Nirankar Hai - Tis Jewad Avar Na Koi... (ang 515)

If you are interested in taking the oath of the Double Edged Sword and want to become a true Sikh of the Guru then do not hesitate to take the Guru's Amrit (become Amrit-Dhari). We follow a strict maryada when it comes to organising Amrit Sanchars and if even a single human being would like to take the Khanda Batta da Amrit this will be arranged for them.

Amrit Sanchar is a ceremony instilled by the Gurus where one can declare that Waheguru exists and that "I now have a Guru" (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji), as long as you don't eat meat, don't cut hair or disfigure body, don't committ adulturey and don't get intoxicated i.e on drugs, smoke, alcohol etc...then you are ready to take the oath of the double edged sword where amrit is given by the 5 Pyare whom will also give you a rahit. The Khalsa Panth does not promote the idea of Sikhs calling themselves this jathebandi da singh and that jathebandi da Singh and so on... We strictly promote the term Guru ka Singh Singhnee and try through the Guru Ji's grace, to dispel any ignorance. This has been explained to us by Guru Ji on ang 534 Raag Dev Gaandhari

Maan, Moh, Mer, Ter Bibarjat, Eho Marag Khandeh Dhaar

Deed Poll - is a service that will change your name to a True Khalsa name.

If we use Guru Gobind Singh Ji as an example we see that Guru Gobind Rai, after taking the Khande Di Pahul, from the Panj Pyare became Guru Gobind Singh, He is and was not known as Guru Gobind Singh Rai.


Even the Panj Pyare who had their Surnames reflect their different Occupations, once they took Amrit from Guru Gobind Singh Ji their Names were changed to Singh as below


When one takes Khande Di Pahul – Goes through the process of declaring Guru Granth Sahib as their Guru (Amrit Sanchar) one is taking the Oath of the Double Edged Sword and hence becomes a Khalsa. One of these Universal Oaths is to diregard any reference to Surname, Caste, Heriditary or Blood Linage. The Deed Poll and other similer services are aimed to assist us in declaring that we too have entered the Brotherhood of the Khalsa and the Identity of the Khalsa is reflected in our name that is without refernece to village, caste blood lineage, etc. So adopt the true identity as prescribed by Guru Nanak whom in his tenth identity gave us the Calibre of Singh and Kaur. - Deed poll UK Website

Gatka Martial Arts Training - As a Gatka Akhara we offer free training to anyone who would like to train to become a true Khalsa.

To start training in the Gatka art you must keep focused and follow a strict guideline. This guideline has been put into place to keep the respect of the Gatka art, Sikh values and to keep the student healthy, active and to implement a sense of responsibility. In order to progress to advanced stages of Gatka training you are expected to progress in your sprituality as this is a spritual art. In order to learn and practice this spritual martial art you will need to become a khalsa inside and out.

If you believe that this path is for you and would like to learn this God given art you can contact your local Gurdwara "Sikh temple" for any gatka akhara's local to you or you can contact us to join the Khalsa Panth Akhara. If you would like to read more gatka and who we are please see the about us and gatka pages

We currentley offer training in the following areas:

Wolverhamton - West Midlands
Oldbury - West Midlands
South Shields Sunderland - Newcastle
Telford - Shropshire
Derby - East Midlands
Edinburgh - Scotland
Glasgow - Scotland
Walsall - West Midlands
Hitchen - London
Karamsar, Ilford - London
Manchester - Greater Manchester
Stuttgart, Germany - Europe (Coming Soon)
Amsterdam, Holland - Europe (Coming Soon)
Sweden - Europe (Coming Soon)

We offer online support to our students and monitor their every step to help them through their training. Below are documents to help the learning process.

training >> Online training & support

Gatka Demonstrations - The Akhara are happy to perfom Gatka demonstations on Nagar Kirtans only to accompany Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. We do not perform Gatka in Clubs, Pubs or Halls where Alcohol, Smoking or the consumption of non-vegetarian foods have been allowed.

gatka demos

We will not perform along side any cultural programs for example any bhangra disco type cultural scenarios as it hinders any attempt to do any prachar. We do not charge a fee for this service, and we only offer this service to help promote the values of Sikhism.

Janam Sanskar
Purpose :
1. To introduce the child into the Sikh way of life
2. Applies to Amrit-Dhari families only
3. Non Amrit-Dhari families allowed if they can adhere to rehat given after ceremony
4. Once the child is born then that baby should be given Amrit A.S.A.P. in the form of Janam Sanskar
This is the first ceremony in the Sikh way of life

A singh will be organised to visit the mother and new born baby soon after the delivery so that the janam sanskar can be administered. If you are interested in initiating your soon to be born child into the Sikh faith and lifestyle then please contact administrator.

Support & Advice
If you are interested in any of the above services or you just need help, support or advice about anything Sikhi related you can contact us